Sunday, February 15, 2009

More about open source
In the Projects page there are many project lists which Google had provided for opensource for development . This are just a pice of google techmnology out of lab. Aso there are many helpful thing by google for the programmer they provide information for project and also had build a disscussion forum for the programmer so then can disscuss about the Project, They have the complete freedom for disscussion about the programm. on this forum only the one thing required is that you should produce thesource code .and the othere important thing is that you should have a google account.
There are many types of project for all the programmers like in this there are some
projectswhich are only for Adwords API and other are client Libraries, coreDumper, googleTAGAS, Sitemap Generator, and testar are the other things.
The AdWord API is the programm for the people who need to setup google adword programms. which help the client to get a single file in which the coder or proggrammer develops code for him. and the one of the great project is GData Client Tools, it provides tools for variety of languages to access data by usingthe GData APIs it also helps the sorces in many languages using it.and Now ,the APIs also provide a protocol for data publishing and accessing on the website.after this sitemap Generatorby them is nifty which is the little script that makes your Web site more Google-friendly and helps to index in goole easily. Because It helps in provideing tools which can create a sitemap automatically .and because of which it then can be submitted to Google for better search results.

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