Monday, May 29, 2017

what is web hosting and domain

every one want to know what is web hosting and domain, so you have seen many website online but some of still wonder what is web hosting and what is domain used for ?
   so lets get easy because no one has born talent we have to get information from somewhere and this information we can get on, you can search on google and can have good information about web hosting and Domain.
     so let me first clear about domain,  Domain can be explained in terms like if you have your name xyz so you can take your name or if you want to make your business website you need a domain for that so the domain here is your business name. so domain is name for your business or something which you want to show to people or friends or want to tell people about something.
 so now after domain it come where the domain will be kept or will be hosted, so other people will know or can check it, and on domain you can set your information which is know as web page it is a page where you can write all your information so your friend can see it. so for that web page you need a space , so that space is know as hosting.
  so let me tell you in simple. web hosting can be explain as a place where your domain is hosted and all your web pages are stored, so that people can view your website and can get all information about you

so hope you like it anything else required let me know :P

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Google +

the best thing you can get Google+ is the new social networking site which can provide you the best of all social profile , here you will get all your internet friends and also friends from all over the world so you can communicate with them and can get in touch with each other so when ever you are using Google pulse then you are in the new year social network which will be the biggest opportunity from Google to all users .
In Fact google have got the best services from it side now the launch of Google Plus will surely make a new technical thing which we cannot say no to it. But for time being Google Plus is the services which is based only on invitation not by personal , so why are you waiting for anyone just ask you friends and tell them that you are awaiting for there Request so once you get the request you are in Que for the future networking site which is the biggest social networking Google Plus.
SO Dont waste time and enjoy using Google Plus service and become the person who have your own profile and best thing ,it will have privacy to user.
As Google is the best and trusty so the Google Pluse will be the more safe for the users to use it

Friday, February 27, 2009

What are Google Gadgets

Here today we will see the small application that are related to Google homepage, Google Desktop, or anyother page on the web to improve user Knowledge. for example it includes Calander and weather services, mediaplayers for users and here you can find more than 40 gadgets Google. now the most important about this Gadgets . Google gadgets comes in two types,:(1)Universal gadget and (2)Desktop gadgets.
There are many servers which give many proposels to user. Universal gadgets are the gadget which can be used in any webpage of the internet. and the Google Desktop is the gadget which can only be used in Google Desktop only . This is the man thing because of which the google other application are much easy to use, and can be used by users in any ways as they need.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

How to Search Google codes

Actually code search is one -stop search for searching through a huge market for a single code actually it is a big sources of public codes available in google for every single code there are many codes available on the internet. Google is a place where a programmer can also search simple functions and also simple codes. And one of the most important thing is that Google code search is Diffrent very diffrent from standard search .There are many features available on the codes You can check this for more Information

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Project hosting it was new thing for Google code. and and it give a important taglines.that is "RELESE OFTEN RELEASE EARLY ". This allowed users to post their own project on Google Code. The project are first classifed under Python., java,C++,and Database , ect., and and they also made special search option for the users to search a project for them using keywords.
It made easy for Creating and submitting a new project. On the same page they have made some thing which is made on click on the "Creat a new page" link , It provided information on the project. And in other thing there are licence provided for selecting the buyer.
The licence decide how can others access the project. And the important thing is that The catagory under whicjh the project fits is also used.
stay tuned for more thing

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More about open source
In the Projects page there are many project lists which Google had provided for opensource for development . This are just a pice of google techmnology out of lab. Aso there are many helpful thing by google for the programmer they provide information for project and also had build a disscussion forum for the programmer so then can disscuss about the Project, They have the complete freedom for disscussion about the programm. on this forum only the one thing required is that you should produce thesource code .and the othere important thing is that you should have a google account.
There are many types of project for all the programmers like in this there are some
projectswhich are only for Adwords API and other are client Libraries, coreDumper, googleTAGAS, Sitemap Generator, and testar are the other things.
The AdWord API is the programm for the people who need to setup google adword programms. which help the client to get a single file in which the coder or proggrammer develops code for him. and the one of the great project is GData Client Tools, it provides tools for variety of languages to access data by usingthe GData APIs it also helps the sorces in many languages using it.and Now ,the APIs also provide a protocol for data publishing and accessing on the website.after this sitemap Generatorby them is nifty which is the little script that makes your Web site more Google-friendly and helps to index in goole easily. Because It helps in provideing tools which can create a sitemap automatically .and because of which it then can be submitted to Google for better search results.

Friday, February 13, 2009

summercode information in short

The Google Summer of codes is one of which resulted in International competion which attracted the people of more than 90 countries of the Whole world. Because of this the participation worked on many types of opensour software production.This articles and pages provided write-ups preparied by various organisation and cololages (that helped students)on there exprience and also help them to get exprience in their work. B ecause of this many student got succes and also got job.
You can see that in last year i mean in year 2008 on September 2 out of 1125 only 83% have done their job you can also see how the percentages are been increased. if you want to know more information about google summer job then you can see how many mentors and students are linked by each other

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Google APIs provided by Google are fairly and extensive. The APIs are the strongest and powerful Tools that provides programmes with many features to enhance their production ans also their projects. The useful and mainly used APIs are given below:
(1)The First and moest useful API is the ADWORD APIs. it mainly allows to development the user to connect users to ADWORDS server This API is used for Adverters to manage their AdWords accounts and campaigns more Easily.

(2)then the seconly most used API is SDK: it allows the users to integrate Google Desktop into their own application . and they also allow them to customise it to their needs. And the third and mostly used API is KML

(3)Google EARTH KML :KML It is known as Keyhole Markup language which allows users for modelling and storing the geographical information for displaying in Google Earth.Broweser process KML files in the same manner as HTML OR XML with its many tagsfor specifying the display properties.This allows the programmer to do amazing things using Google Earth which is ,in fact ,a browswer for KML files .Among the many features that it offers, one of the best is the ability to specify the camera angle. There is also the ability to dynamically updates the kml files from remoteor local servers. It also gives a option of Bookmarks (the users calls it as "Placemarking") mark your favourite places in Google Earth and share it all them with your friends and grops.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

GOOGLE CODE-2 in this many nessecary things are ther for you all

Do you know that Google uses for its publishing purpose because its not free you dont think that but it also provide many API services. Using API PEOPLE get many apportunity of many other services to them without any realesing of code to them. for example, use of blogger API for the people to comment on your blog and it is not lisying any code on Google. As BLOGGER is website of google its product are posted on it .So it is divided into two parts. (1)The site navigation links:these enables users to navigate to more specific information. it also has a search function. Some of the links are Google APIs, Event Calender Open Source, Google code Search, and the Google Code FAQ. (2)Enhance your web site:these lists tool that allow users to use Google tools to provide many advance features, and also certain new techniques. For example, Google Webmaster Tools Optimise the user's site coverage in the search engine's index. (3)Reach your website: these has tools that let programmers work on improving certain feature of known Google product. for example , writing a plugin with Google Desktop SDK to search more file types with Google Desktop. (4)Integrate with Google: these tools allow programmers to integrate their own programs / tools/ services with those of Google. for example , the Google AdWords API allows one to manage an AdWords account Programmatically. (5)Google code Blog:an intresting and informative place where visitors are updated on all latest undertaking by Google, its engineers, organisation associated with google, and the grants given by the company.Users can subscribe to the blog and be updated about all the developments.besides, there is a discussion list for each production on google groups monitored by external developments. Besides, there is a discussion list for each production on google Groups monitored by external devlopers and the concerned Google Engineer. (6)Featured Products:This is the colum were the programer had posted the program to contributed for all users. Each production description accompanied by details such as tools and APIs used.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Let us see today about GOOGLE CODES in detail and dont worry all knowledge will be given to you in brief so enjoy it and learn seriously
Google code ( Has been started as an open source project.Here, the company releases the code for usedul pieces of google software for developers intereseted in googletechnologies. For an enthusiast, nothing could have been better!Google first released the code for four projects-Perftools,sparehashtable, coredumper and goopy/functional. The list has since expanded, and you can find it at also hoped (and has been indicated) that existing google programs like google toolbar,google talk and Googledesktop might be made opensource. now we can see how Google codes were made in we all know that in recent times.
Google has done its bit for the open source movement. Google including a partnershipwith sun Microsystems to help share and distribution each others technologies. As part of the partnership. Google will help share and distribute each other,s technologies, As part of the partnership,google will hire programmers to help with the open source office programm The company has also made a $350,000(1.65crore) contribution to a join open source technology intiative of Oregon state University and Portland state University. The aim is to encourage open source software and harfware development, and provide computing infrastructure to open source projects world wide and they have proved it . Apart from this google organized a $2 million (Rs 9.5 crore)"Summer of code" program to offer student an apportunity to work on technical projects.Because of the competiton many programmer were attracted and participants from over 90 Countries; and they had completed Many types of open source projects, and also received grants. Google is also involved with various organisation suchas the Free Software Foundation. the Java Community Process. the Mozzilla Foundation. OSDL,and the Python Software Foundation. A s many other community had also joined Google for their programm

Tuesday, February 3, 2009





Small Information of World of Google and Internet

our purposehere is, therefore ,essentially to wake you to the fact that Google is about much more than search ,besides, of course ,giving you brief guides on how to go about using all those services out there. A majority of GOOGLE' Have been bundeled IN MANY OF ARTICLES. The company is ever expanding its portfolio of offerings , and by this next year, you brief guides on how much more to have been addition ,some of the services change in functionality and manner of usage.(That's probably why Google tends to call allits services "BETA.")Asa result, take this ARTICLE SNAPSHORT of what google offer right now. since space doesn't permit a compllete coverage, we'll be exploring more google stuff. As a little exercise, Google is EVIL." THEN LOOK at the affirmations. then, don't belive any of it. The current king of the INTERNET is one of the best thingto have happened to it-if not the best

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Veritable Smorgasbord (it means information to you about Google))

GOOGLE IS USEFUL. GOOGLE IS FUN. google is good for everyone.that's our collectective sentiment after having written this "little Article for you". you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't ever "Googled" the web,but as you know very well-or will soon learn-search is just the hightlight of google's many services. Ranging from advertisng to exploring the surface of the eath, from a lis delivering the latest news, google is has , and does it all.

So much of what Google provides is free , it's delightful.we hope here to alert you to the fact that there is such a thing as GOOGLE code search; that GOOGLE Answer might just be hosting the answer to something you're asking and search enginers aren't helping ; that you can creat a web page using Google too.