Sunday, February 8, 2009

GOOGLE CODE-2 in this many nessecary things are ther for you all

Do you know that Google uses for its publishing purpose because its not free you dont think that but it also provide many API services. Using API PEOPLE get many apportunity of many other services to them without any realesing of code to them. for example, use of blogger API for the people to comment on your blog and it is not lisying any code on Google. As BLOGGER is website of google its product are posted on it .So it is divided into two parts. (1)The site navigation links:these enables users to navigate to more specific information. it also has a search function. Some of the links are Google APIs, Event Calender Open Source, Google code Search, and the Google Code FAQ. (2)Enhance your web site:these lists tool that allow users to use Google tools to provide many advance features, and also certain new techniques. For example, Google Webmaster Tools Optimise the user's site coverage in the search engine's index. (3)Reach your website: these has tools that let programmers work on improving certain feature of known Google product. for example , writing a plugin with Google Desktop SDK to search more file types with Google Desktop. (4)Integrate with Google: these tools allow programmers to integrate their own programs / tools/ services with those of Google. for example , the Google AdWords API allows one to manage an AdWords account Programmatically. (5)Google code Blog:an intresting and informative place where visitors are updated on all latest undertaking by Google, its engineers, organisation associated with google, and the grants given by the company.Users can subscribe to the blog and be updated about all the developments.besides, there is a discussion list for each production on google groups monitored by external developments. Besides, there is a discussion list for each production on google Groups monitored by external devlopers and the concerned Google Engineer. (6)Featured Products:This is the colum were the programer had posted the program to contributed for all users. Each production description accompanied by details such as tools and APIs used.

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