Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Google APIs provided by Google are fairly and extensive. The APIs are the strongest and powerful Tools that provides programmes with many features to enhance their production ans also their projects. The useful and mainly used APIs are given below:
(1)The First and moest useful API is the ADWORD APIs. it mainly allows to development the user to connect users to ADWORDS server This API is used for Adverters to manage their AdWords accounts and campaigns more Easily.

(2)then the seconly most used API is SDK: it allows the users to integrate Google Desktop into their own application . and they also allow them to customise it to their needs. And the third and mostly used API is KML

(3)Google EARTH KML :KML It is known as Keyhole Markup language which allows users for modelling and storing the geographical information for displaying in Google Earth.Broweser process KML files in the same manner as HTML OR XML with its many tagsfor specifying the display properties.This allows the programmer to do amazing things using Google Earth which is ,in fact ,a browswer for KML files .Among the many features that it offers, one of the best is the ability to specify the camera angle. There is also the ability to dynamically updates the kml files from remoteor local servers. It also gives a option of Bookmarks (the users calls it as "Placemarking") mark your favourite places in Google Earth and share it all them with your friends and grops.

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