Thursday, February 5, 2009


Let us see today about GOOGLE CODES in detail and dont worry all knowledge will be given to you in brief so enjoy it and learn seriously
Google code ( Has been started as an open source project.Here, the company releases the code for usedul pieces of google software for developers intereseted in googletechnologies. For an enthusiast, nothing could have been better!Google first released the code for four projects-Perftools,sparehashtable, coredumper and goopy/functional. The list has since expanded, and you can find it at also hoped (and has been indicated) that existing google programs like google toolbar,google talk and Googledesktop might be made opensource. now we can see how Google codes were made in we all know that in recent times.
Google has done its bit for the open source movement. Google including a partnershipwith sun Microsystems to help share and distribution each others technologies. As part of the partnership. Google will help share and distribute each other,s technologies, As part of the partnership,google will hire programmers to help with the open source office programm The company has also made a $350,000(1.65crore) contribution to a join open source technology intiative of Oregon state University and Portland state University. The aim is to encourage open source software and harfware development, and provide computing infrastructure to open source projects world wide and they have proved it . Apart from this google organized a $2 million (Rs 9.5 crore)"Summer of code" program to offer student an apportunity to work on technical projects.Because of the competiton many programmer were attracted and participants from over 90 Countries; and they had completed Many types of open source projects, and also received grants. Google is also involved with various organisation suchas the Free Software Foundation. the Java Community Process. the Mozzilla Foundation. OSDL,and the Python Software Foundation. A s many other community had also joined Google for their programm

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