Monday, May 29, 2017

what is web hosting and domain

every one want to know what is web hosting and domain, so you have seen many website online but some of still wonder what is web hosting and what is domain used for ?
   so lets get easy because no one has born talent we have to get information from somewhere and this information we can get on, you can search on google and can have good information about web hosting and Domain.
     so let me first clear about domain,  Domain can be explained in terms like if you have your name xyz so you can take your name or if you want to make your business website you need a domain for that so the domain here is your business name. so domain is name for your business or something which you want to show to people or friends or want to tell people about something.
 so now after domain it come where the domain will be kept or will be hosted, so other people will know or can check it, and on domain you can set your information which is know as web page it is a page where you can write all your information so your friend can see it. so for that web page you need a space , so that space is know as hosting.
  so let me tell you in simple. web hosting can be explain as a place where your domain is hosted and all your web pages are stored, so that people can view your website and can get all information about you

so hope you like it anything else required let me know :P

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